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The Solidification Research Group (GPS) has worked for more than 40 years at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the State University of Campinas (FEM - Unicamp), with the main focus of research on the solidification of metal alloys, covering studies on the evolution of microstructures. with thermal solidification parameters; segregation and porosity; microstructure and mechanical resistance, wear, corrosion and tribocorrosion; and continuous casting.

In addition to the laboratory infrastructure in common use of FEM - Unicamp, the GPS has a solidification laboratory, where it is possible to carry out experiments with ascending or descending and radial unidirectional solidification systems; microscopy laboratory for microstructural characterization; and corrosion laboratory for electrochemical corrosion tests.

In addition to professors and students at FEM - Unicamp, GPS currently has an extensive network of partnerships in Brazil, with employees from several universities, institutes and research centers. It also develops international cooperation projects with research groups from France and Spain, which include exchanges of students, professors and researchers.

So far, GPS has developed at FEM - Unicamp 35 Scientific Initiation projects, 33 Master's dissertations, 50 Doctoral theses, and 18 Post-Doctoral projects, which culminated in the publication of just over 350 articles in national and international journals. international indexed.




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