VibroAcoustics Laboratory 

The present research activities of the laboratory include:

  • Structural model updating 

  • Structural damage detection using dynamic test data

  • Laser vibrometer applications 

  • Structural intensity (structural power flow) 

  • Energy flow, statistical, and hybrid methods 

  • Active vibration control 

  • Active noise control, 

  • Dynamic characterization of microsystem structures (MEMS) 

  • Musical acoustics

  • Metamaterials for applications in the audio frequency range

  • Acoustic material characterization

  • Uncertainty qualification in structural dynamics and vibroacoustics

 Recent Investigations:

  • Active vibration control of a plate using strucutral intensity adaptive control and robust control 

  • Active control of a cylindrical shell and acoustic cavity

  • Active vibration control of a beam using structural intensity and robust control

  • Active noise control inside a car 

  • Hybrid actuators for transmission loss control in panels

  • Fault detection using laser measurements and structural intensity divergence maps

  • Crack detection in beams using Lab waves

  • Spectral element analysis of frames, plates, and beam reinforced plates

  • Inverse methods for the identification of poroelastic material parameters in impedance tubes

  • Waveguide Finite Element Models for periodic structures

  • Periodic structures for noise and vibration attenuation