VibroAcoustics Laboratory 


  • Vibration and noise instrumentation, e.g., accelerometers, force transducers,
    ICP microphones, Particle velocity sensors, piezoceramic patches and shakers.
  • Laser Doppler vibrometer Polytec OFV 303 with controller OFV3001.
  • In-Plane laser Doppler vibrometer Polytec LSV-065-306F.
  • Optical fiber vibrometer Polytec OFV 551-2a and microscope adaptor MSV-050
    with manual scanner.
  • Data acquisition system HP 3565 with 16 analog inputs and 3 analog outputs driven from a PC using the HP spectrum Analyzer software. 
  • Data Acquisition Agilent VXI system with 16 analog inputs and 1 analog output driven
    from a PC using LMS CADA-X. 
  • Data Acquisition LDS Photon II with 2 analog inputs and 1 analog output. 
  • Real-Time Interface System dSPACE DS1102 with 4 analog input and 3 analog output,
    16 digital I/O, two incremental encoders. 
  • Real-Time Interface System dSPACE DS1003 with a DS2003 A/D-Board with 32 analog
    inputs and a DS2103 D/A-Board with 32 analog outputs.
  • Anechoic and reverberation chamber suite.


  • LMS Test.Lab

  • MATLAB (Windows and Unix)

  • MATHEMATICA (Windows)

  • LMS Virtual.Lab 



  • Twente Sim

  • Sim-Pack

The laboratory computers are linked to the WWW via the department's network and shares the computation facilities of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and of the University Computing Center (including a supercomputing center).