Data from many of our experiments as well as scripts for processing them are openly available on open repositories as listed below. Click on the links below to be redirected towards the data, and follow the instructions that we wrote directly on the repositories for using and processing the data.

Dataset for "Barchan dunes cruising dune-size obstacles"

Experimental data on binary interactions of subaqueous barchans

Dynamics of granular beds undergoing impact and cratering

Collaborative behavior of intruders moving amid grains

Contacts, motion and chain-breaking in a two-dimensional granular system displaced by an intruder

Experimental data on barchan-barchan interaction with bidisperse grains

Experimental data on barchan-barchan interaction at the grain scale

Numerical data for "Force distribution within a barchan dune"

Numerical data for "Resolved CFD-DEM simulations of the hydraulic conveying of coarse grains through a very-narrow elbow"

Experiments dataset for "Barchan dunes on bidispersed granular beds"

MATLAB scripts for processing and post-processing experimental data for "Crystallization and jamming in narrow fluidized beds"

Wolfram Mathematica and MATLAB scripts for solving the Orr-Sommerfeld equation for a Carreau-Yasuda fluid over an inclined plane

Numerical scripts for processing and post-processing numerical and experimental results of layer inversion in solid-liquid fluidized beds

Dataset for "Motion and clustering of bonded particles in narrow solid-liquid fluidized beds"

Data for Micro Fluidized Beds with air

Data for "Turbulent channel flow perturbed by triangular ripples"